Natalya Zatsepina

Psycologist • In person and online • RUS, LV
Clinical psychologist; psychologist in the educational system, specialist in existential analysis and logotherapy, member of the international association of existential analysis and logotherapy (Existential Analysis and Logotherapy - GLE international).

  • Author of manuals for parents
  • Leader of support and supervision groups for teachers and psychologists
  • Head of practice for psychology students (bachelor's and master's degrees)
  • Leader of support and self-knowledge groups, organizer of public support.
  • Specialist in comprehensive psychodiagnostics for children and adolescents (intellectual, emotional sphere).
  • Specialist in individualization of educational process
  • Private practice since 2008, recent years - practice in existential analysis and logotherapy.
  • The most important thing in my work with people is to create a space of warmth and understanding and support. and already in this atmosphere of care, approach deep themes, illuminate with warmth those corners of the soul where it may be scary to look alone.
I am always very happy when my clients take the first timid steps towards themselves, and of course, as a result, they come to their good life.

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