Olga Tiselskaya

Psycologist • In person and online • RUS, ENG
Certified psychologist (consulting psychology), specialist in existential analysis and logotherapy (while studying at GLE international).
Private practice - 15 years.
I advise on the topic of your request in the form of a confidential conversation. The work is based on the principles of complete confidentiality. The method of existential analysis and logotherapy allows you to work deeply, delicately, with great respect for the client, trust and warmth of the therapeutic relationship.

What does this therapeutic relationship provide?
The opportunity to solve your psychological difficulties, to demonstrate a better understanding of yourself and others; the ability to get out of conflict situations with less emotional loss; successfully solve problems in personal relationships; cope with panic attacks; anxiety and uncertainty.

In the process of our work, you will also receive emotional support and support in difficult situations, when there are so many feelings that you “sinking” in them; support with depression; apathy and acute crises;
analysis of crises, goals in life; motivation and strengthening own boundaries.
Let's bring clarity to life situations and relationships. We will be able to understand our own motives and feelings. Let's get closer to freedom from psychodynamics and psychological deficits. There will be less suffering in life, which will bring you closer to yourself and a good life.

Therapy with me is not a quick, but a sure, warm path to yourself, a good life with yourself and the world.